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PS Sparkle Designs Examples


 Palm Trees & Flip Flops


This tank top was made by applying our 3 Palm Trees design to the front of the shirt and then one of our small flip flop designs to the back shoulder.



This beautiful shirt incorporates the Bride design with the two rings on the front of the shirt and then we scattered some individual rhinestones around the Bride design.  Our sleeve strips come with 2 strips in a package for a total of 40 stones.  They can be applied in a straight line, around a collar or even one at a time for a custom look.  Keep in mind that you just cut around each stone and place it where you want it to go.


Wine Diva

This shirt was made by applying our Wine Diva design to the front of the shirt then using one package of our sleeve strips around the bottom of each sleeve and another set of sleeves strips around the bottom seam of the front of the shirt.


#1 Grandma



This is a great shirt to make for your favorite Grandma!  We also have #1 Mom, Aunt, Mimi and Nana designs, so no one is left out.  We used the #1 Grandma for this shirt and then added two of our "little kid" designs on either side of the design.  We offer the little boy and girl designs with blonde, brown or black hair.


Wine Me Up


This shirt uses two of our "wine me up" designs.  The first design is applied as is to the front of the shirt.  The second design is cut apart and one of the wine glasses is placed at the bottom of the shirt and the other one is placed on the back shoulder of the shirt.  You will then have one other wine glass and wording to use for another garment.  We also used a set of sleeve strips around the bottom hem of the shirt.


Kitty with Bow shirt & leggings


This is a cute idea for a girl of any age!  The kitty with a bow design is placed on the front of the shirt and then we used a set of our small paw prints to place on the leggings.


Snowflake Shirt & Scarf



This snowflake design is made to cut apart and use in many different ways.  We made the large center snowflake the main attraction on the shirt, then used the other snowflakes to embellish a scarf.

For the shirt we placed the larger snowflake in the center of the shirt.  We cut around and placed the diamond points from the smaller snowflakes on the v-neck band of the shirt.  We placed the diamond points individually, but we were able to iron them on all at the same time. 

For the scarf we placed the smaller snowflakes randomly around our scarf.


Fall Leaves


This shirt was customized by cutting the leaves in the design apart and placing sections of the leaves around the v-neck portion of the shirt.  You can also do the same for a scoop neck line shirt.


Mom's Sippy Cup


 This is a fun design for both Mom and Grandma!  You personalize this design by choosing which "sippy" you want to add to the middle.  You place either the "Mom's Sippy Cup" design or the "Grandma's Sippy Cup" design to your shirt first and then you choose from one of our small drink glass designs (we have wine, margarita, champagne, cosmo or martini) to apply in the middle.  We made this very easy for you to customize.  Just apply the sippy cup design first, then apply your drink glass in the space between the word Mom or Grandma.