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Iron-On Instructions

PS Sparkle Designs

Iron-on Sparkle Design Instructions

Click here to see examples of our designs on actual shirts/garments.

You can embellish almost any fabric that can tolerate a medium to wool setting on a standard iron.  Cotton and Cotton/polyester fabrics work best.  Fabrics that cannot be “sparkled” include nylon of any kind, velvet, leather or vinyl.  Test your fabric and read the label content of your garment.

1. Pre-wash and test your fabric.  Do not use liquid fabric softener.
2. Pre-heat iron to WOOL setting.  DO NOT USE STEAM! Empty water from iron.
3. Place your garment on top of a hard surface, such as a clean cutting board.  You can use your ironing board as a work station, as you can adjust the height for your comfort, but you will still  need a piece of wood or a cutting board under your garment.
4. Place a piece of parchment paper, pressing cloth or Teflon sheet inside your shirt, under the design.
5. Remove the white backing from the design.
6. Examine the design for any stones that may have moved during handling, now is the time to reposition them.  Reposition the stray stones by picking them up with a pair of tweezers and   replace them shiny-side down on the sticky side of the paper.  The stones will now stay where you placed them.
7. Place the design in the desired position, sticky side of the backing down on the fabric.  The design can be lifted up and moved to another position BEFORE you press it.
8. Place a pressing cloth or Teflon sheet over the design and garment.
9. Place your iron on top of the pressing cloth and design.  Press and hold for 45 seconds.  Apply MEDIUM pressure.  DO NOT MOVE THE IRON BACK AND FORTH!  Some fabrics and designs   require an additional 15 -30 seconds.
10. If your design is larger than your iron, move the pressing cloth and the iron and do one section of the design at a time.  Do not worry about overlap.  HINT:  Remember that most irons have “steam” holes and this area of the iron will not apply pressure to the Rhinestones/studs.  It may be necessary to go over the design twice, holding the iron in a different position.
11. While the design is still warm (and before the plastic is removed) with the pressing cloth on top, take a towel or cloth and rub over the design to force the glue into the fabric.
12. Let the plastic & design cool for 2 -3 minutes. (CAUTION: HOT SURFACE).  Once cool, peel away the plastic.  Watch the clear plastic not the fabric.  If there are any rhinestones/studs sticking to the backing, simply put the plastic back in place, pressing cloth on top and then repeat steps 9 & 10.
13. Turn the garment inside out and apply heat to the back of the design area for approximately 30 seconds.
14. Once the design is cool test by rubbing your fingers over the rhinestones/studs.  If something is loose,  repeat step 12.


Care Instructions:  Our designs are machine washable.  Turn garment INSIDE OUT  before machine washing.  Please use the gentle cycle.  We suggest line drying.

Hints:  Designs adhere best when using a hard, flat surface.  Cut designs apart with the white backing still on and use to decorate the sleeve, cuff or back of a shirt.  Denim should be washed several times to get all of the “sizing” out of the fabric.

Large & small rhinestones in a design - You may need to heat the smaller ones with the tip of your iron.  Your iron will sit on the top of the largest rhinestone and the smaller one won’t get the needed heat to melt the glue.

Iron Temperature - the clear plastic should look slightly wrinkled after applying the iron to your design.  If the plastic is still smooth, increase the iron temperature.  If your iron is too hot, the plastic will melt and force the glue out around the rhinestone and not penetrate the fabric.  Household irons may heat up after being used for a long period of time, please monitor the termperature of your iron.  We do not take responsibility for the temperature of your iron.

Heat Press -  If you are using a heat press to apply our designs use a temperature of 348 - 350 degrees, medium pressure and press for 20 -25 seconds.  Cold Peel.  Be sure to use a Teflon sheet inside the shirt or garment.                                                                         


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